At Information Alliance we know the most important service we can offer you is peace of mind. In order to have peace of mind you must have confidence in the people collecting your data. IA's strict hiring policies and customized training are designed to ensure all of our agents are capable of understanding and administering your questionnaire. We realize our agents are the vital link between you and your data. Because of this, our entire organization is designed to support our agents in this important work. IA's project management team works closely with all of our agents and our supervisory staff to ensure everyone understands the project and the importance of the data being collected.

Before starting on your project, each interviewer is thoroughly briefed by one of our project supervisors, so they understand the goals of the study. We encourage you as the client to be involved in this briefing process as your project knowledge is vital to our success. The agents are also provided a detailed explanation of qualifying requirements, a project briefing document, and must conduct practice interviews so they are confident with each survey.

We provide a high level of quality control on each study. Our supervisor to interviewer ratio is 4 to 1.  Our supervisors continually monitor interviewer accuracy for all studies, monitoring 10 - 20%.  In addition to supervisor monitoring, our Avaya phone switch provides the capability to connect multiple sites for monitoring without degrading the call clarity.  We encourage our clients to monitor their projects throughout fielding, and many of our clients take advantage of our sophisticated phone switch to involve their client in the monitoring process.


While monitoring, supervisors verify that each interviewer observes skip patterns, reads verbatim and probes open ended questions in depth. Our editing staff provide our interviewers with additional detailed open end feedback after the first night of interviewing and other feedback as needed. Once surveys have been completed, our supervisors validate 10 - 20% of the surveys on each project.


At Information Alliance, our team will provide you with the tools you need to get the most from your data. Using WinCross data tabulation software, tables can be produced at various levels of sophistication, depending upon your project needs. Our software is capable of data weighting, statistical testing (z-test & t-test), and formulating algorithms based on multiple variables within the data set. Data is then returned to you in an easy to read and easy to understand format.

For researchers needing more detailed analysis of their data, Information Alliance has partnered with Utah State University's Department of Statistics, who can provide a full range of data analysis using SPSS software. By partnering with the University, we have the ability to handle even your most detailed tab projects.


In addition to providing high quality open-ended responses to your survey questions, Information Alliance offers an experienced staff for code development and data coding. Our staff will work with you throughout your project to develop a code frame that fits your project's needs. IA's experienced coders will categorize your open-end responses, group codes by answers to previous questions, quotas, or sample elements, and then code responses back into the data to make analyzing your data easier and more efficient for you. Whatever your coding needs are, we can meet them.

CATI Programming

At Information Alliance our state of the art call center features the latest in CATI interviewing software. IA's team of CATI programmers has several years of experience with ACS Query/WinQuery and CfMC. This experience enables us to extend the software further than many of our competitors, allowing us to customize the software to meet the needs of even the most challenging research projects.

Information Alliance is committed to being a leader in innovative technology. Our staff of highly skilled and talented programmers offer programming in multiple languages and expertise in numerous software packages. Some of the programming languages in which they are proficient are C/C++, HTML, Java/Java Toolkit, JavaScript, PHP, ASP, PERL, Basic/QBasic/Visual Basic, SQL, as well as other scripting languages and programming tools.

Using these programming languages, IA's programmers can tailor programs to meet your data collection and reporting needs. They can also provide customized programming to expand our services to include experienced handling of large scale tracking studies and detailed sample management.


Information Alliance has a close relationship with a number of sample providers. This allows us to work with experts in the field of sampling to ensure we are providing sample that meets your specifications. Whether your study requires an RDD consumer sample or a targeted business list, we can meet your requirements. Plus our large volume purchasing allows us to purchase your sample at heavily discounted prices.

No project is too large!

At Information Alliance, we are currently running over 100 interviewing stations with the ability to expand as needed.

Live client monitoring

Clients should have as much (or as little) input on how their surveys are run as they want, that is why we offer live monitorings, client trainings, and work closely with you to help your project to succeed.

Your data - when you want it!

At information alliance, we understand the need to meet restrictive deadlines. That is why we will work with you to schedule the best option for data delivery.

No project is too small!

All of our projects, regardless of size get the same attention, dedication, and support from our staff.

Survey recording

At Information Alliance, quality is key - we can offer audio recordings for quality assurance, as well as training capabilities to ensure we are always getting the best results.

Data Analysis

Your project does not end with survey collection, and why should we? We offer many options to help you get the most out of your data, from output layouts to tabulations, coding, and marginals.

Latest CATI/CAWI technologies

We offer the latest in CATI and CAWI technologies coupled with an industry pioneering staff. This allows us to offer solutions for a wide array of needs.

Custom reporting

Sometimes the pre-canned reports just don't help you make the best decisions about your project. We offer custom reports to suit your needs. Learn More

The sky is the limit!

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